New research conducted by British retail technology pioneers Ubamarket has revealed that 40% of Brits will no longer use cash when shopping or when in bars or restaurants, with 50% of Brits not having used cash since the start of lockdown restrictions in March. Furthermore, 50% of Brits have found that their weekly shop was vital to combating the isolation they were feeling during lockdown, showcasing exactly how fundamental the sector has become to us.

Key Statistics:

  • 50% of Brits found that being able to do a weekly shop at their local supermarket through COVID was vital to combating isolation in lockdown
  • 50% of people in Britain (over 23 million) haven’t used cash at all since the start of lockdown and have relied exclusively on card and contactless payments
  • 43% of Brits (over 20 million) want their shopping experience moving forward to require as little human interaction as possible
  • 38% of Brits  found that since lockdown, they have used online shopping more but have found it to be inefficient due to insufficient delivery slots and replacement items
  • Over one-third (34%) of Brits say that the self-checkouts cause significant anxiety due to hygiene concerns and proximity to other shoppers
  • 4 in 10 Brits will no longer use cash when shopping or when in bars or restaurants due to concerns around the transfer of germs
  • 62% of Brits (28 million) want to be able to complete their supermarket shop and exit the store in under 20 minutes

Will Broome, CEO of Ubamarket, discusses the research looking into consumer sentiments towards shopping in light of localised lockdowns and second wave concerns:

"The research clearly shows that the Coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed both retailer and consumer behaviour- in particular when it comes to purchasing their goods.

The pandemic has raised huge questions around hygiene and safety, with particular concerns around consumer confidence. This fluctuation is shopping habits has further highlighted a number of pre-existing problems with the shopping experience in Britain, with a huge proportion of Brits now feeling that their shopping experience is outdated. Now, the question facing businesses is not ‘when will things go back to normal’ but rather ‘how can we adapt to succeed and serve customers in a post-COVID world?’. 

The circumstances brought about by Covid-19 call for a new way of doing things - retail tech such as Ubamarket will help supermarkets, stores, bars and restaurants to do just that, by doing away with the need for time-consuming queues, unhygienic checkouts, complicated store layouts and confusion about where products are and whether they are in stock. Paying for your shopping in-app will drastically reduce your exposure to potentially dangerous interactions as there is no need to stand in queues or use the tills. Ultimately, if retailers are willing to implement retail technology, we could make the weekly shop far more safe and hygienic for everybody in the UK."