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Brakes are proud to serve Universities across the UK, striving to become their most trusted and valued partner.  We have a deep understanding of the varied challenges University caterers face, and this has never been more important than through the Covid pandemic. We’ve moved quickly to support the sector, ensuring that vital food supplies reach Universities so they can continue to feed students.

NEW Essentials Boxes

For those students who are currently isolating on campus, we have a brand new solution -  ‘Essentials Boxes’. Delivered pre-packed to our customers, each box contains a great range of everyday kitchen products to create basic meals without students having to leave their accommodation. Customers can also select a fantastic Vegetarian option of the box.

Leading the Way on CSR

We recognise the importance of CSR in wholesale, and have taken sector-leading positions on plastics, waste, philanthropy, fuel and food provenance. We take our commitment to creating a better tomorrow seriously.  We’re on track to remove hard-to-recycle ‘black’ plastics by the end of 2020 and were the first foodservice wholesaler to sign the UK Plastics Pact and a founding signatory of the IGD/WRAP Food Waste commitment. As part of our nine priorities, in support of Sysco’s global CSR framework, we do all we can to ensure we support the communities we serve. We hope our way of supporting the University sector in such difficult times, and helping to nourish students gives our customers confidence Brakes is doing the right thing, even in these challenging circumstances.


Background: About Brakes 

Brakes invented modern food wholesaling and provides the highest quality fresh and frozen food and ingredients to some of the nation’s most famous pubs and Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as schools and universities, caterers, care homes and hospitals. We are proud to offer the biggest range of award-winning products in foodservice.  

Our business is built on a passion for food and feeding the nation, with dedicated teams serving every postcode. We are investing in the latest technology to make life as easy and efficient for the chefs, cooks and caterers we serve across the land. 

Brakes is a Sysco company. 

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