Research after the first week out of lockdown shows diners are looking for quality ingredients, choice and quick service.

As the industry welcomes back much-missed diners to their venues, research shows that pizza and burgers were the top two dishes most consumed in the first week out of lockdown[1].

At 43.4% and 40.2% respectively, pizza and burgers had the largest share of dishes consumed in pubs and restaurants to the week ending 18th April. This proves that these are popular items for outlets offering a reduced menu, due to quick turnaround times. Burgers and pizza are also greatly in demand by customers looking for out of home indulgence as their first meal/s out of lockdown.

The research conducted by Lantmännen Unibake’s Americana and Schulstad Bakery Solutions brands also highlights that after locality of venue and value for money, quality of ingredients (13.7%), choice (11.9%) and speed of service (10.6%) were most important to diners when choosing where to eat out of home.

25-34 year olds were the largest group (25.9%) to visit the trade within the first week of reopening and 65.5% of diners were young families or pre-family. The most cited occasion for eating out of home was long-awaited get-togethers with friends and family (50.5%).

Burgers and pizzas are ideal menu items for these trends. With mass appeal, they offer the ability to mix high quality bases, buns, fillings and toppings, with minimal impact on the kitchen. They also provide the opportunity to trade-up and premiumise to a more gourmet alternative for those special occasions.

[1] EO Market Report w/e 18th April 2021