The ‘Flexitarian’ trend is growing with 50% of European consumers consciously reducing the meat in their diets.

The Big Al’s brand, brought to you by Kepak, has launched an innovative new range of burgers in response to this trend: ‘Burgers with a Blend’. These exciting new burgers are made with the perfect mix of both meat and vegetables. They are high in protein and lower in saturated fat, offering consumers a healthier menu option without having to compromise on taste or quality.

The range is comprised of two burgers: The Beefroot Burger is made with 70% Irish Grass-Fed Beef and blended with sweet Beetroot and crunchy Quinoa creating the perfect ‘balanced’ burger that still packs a real protein hit! Beetroot boasts an excellent nutritional profile, packed full of vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants while Quinoa has some equally impressive credentials containing sufficient amounts of all nine essential amino acids & antioxidants.

The Moo-shroom Burger is comprised of 70% Irish Grass-Fed Beef and blended with Chestnut Mushrooms adding another level of flavour and juiciness to the burger. We chose Chestnut Mushrooms due to their delicious taste profile along with their essential nutrients and amazing health benefits such as no fat, no cholesterol and low in calories.

For operators this opens up a new opportunity to meet the demand for mouth-watering burgers while offering a new and innovative menu option to their customers.

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