Winner, winner, waste-free dinner – creative cooking is the food craze taking the UK by storm!

40% of the food we waste wasn’t used in time, so Love Food Hate Waste is calling for a change in how we eat. The third phase of the Spoiled Rotten campaign is encouraging people to show their leftovers some love, turning basic into brilliant with some delicious recipes.

Along with an army of influencers, including Ollie Eats, British Cook, and Recipes from a Pantry, Love Food Hate Waste is kick-starting February with a planet-friendly attitude to food. As part of Spoiled Rotten, we want to see people making incredible unique dishes with whatever can be flung in from the fridge or freezer.

Helen White from Love Food Hate Waste said:

“Getting inventive in the kitchen is an amazing way to stop your food going to waste. The UK’s food waste has gone down, but there is still a long way to go to make sure we’re doing right by our lovely planet and stopping 4.5 million tonnes of good food going to waste. Substituting and swapping your ingredients for whatever you’ve got to hand is one of the easiest ways you can make a difference and waste less.”

Making a meal out of it

Throughout February, Love Food Hate Waste will flood social media with mouth-watering recipes. Working with influencers, they will show how easy and exciting it is to make new meals from any combination of foods!

Jack Monroe, award-winning budget cookery writer, will be sharing her incredibly thrifty salad bag pesto recipe:

"Bagged salad is one of the most wasted foods in the UK with over half of it ending up in landfill – so I threw some limp leaves in the blender and this was the result! It's delicious, lasts a week in the fridge, and turns a frequently wasted product into something nutritious, delicious and very versatile. Giving odd combinations a whirl can result in a happier planet, a happier wallet, and happy tummies all round!"

Join in

To take on food waste this February, upload pictures of your creative use-it-up recipes to social media and tag Love Food Hate Waste – on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You might be surprised at the culinary masterpiece you come up with!

Love Food Hate Waste is also running a competition with Panasonic to launch Spoiled Rotten. Visit @LFHW_UK on Instagram to find out how you can win a Slimline Combi Microwave to make your delicious waste-free dishes.