TUCO has long supported Food Matters Live to provide members with insightful industry news and content.

We are delighted to share with you two podcasts which may be of interest to TUCO members.

Inside the factory – the school kids getting a taste of the food industry

In this episode of the Career Conversations podcast series, made in partnership with the charity School Food Matters, we learn all about the special project that is helping introduce school children to the wonderful world of working in food.

Listen now.

How to make your food business more sustainable

In this episode of the Food Matters Live Podcast, we look at how hospitality businesses can be more sustainable and how doing so could even help to bring their costs down.

Listen to the full episode to learn about the huge impact the hospitality sector has on the environment, how simple changes can reduce a restaurant’s carbon footprint as well as bringing down costs, and why cutting back on the volume of some products can benefit both the environment and the quality of what ends up on the plate.

Listen now.