The campaign will encourage young people to support friends with allergies when eating in restaurants and the important role front of house staff to provide allergen information effectively.

ood allergies can have a huge impact on people’s lives and insight shows that young people feel more confident telling food businesses about their allergies when their friends are supportive and understanding.

The Speak Up For Allergies campaign will promote this message across a range of social media platforms and will see the FSA work with a range of partners and influencers to reach young people.  

Businesses also have an important role to play in supporting people with allergies. Young people often feel nervous about raising their allergies for fear that they are being difficult or slowing down orders. How staff respond to these requests is important in making customers feel comfortable and confident. 

The campaign will support food businesses, ensuring they have sufficient allergen management processes in place, and can provide staff with information and training so that they can effectively respond to allergen enquiries from consumers.  

Rebecca Sudworth, Director of Policy said: 

“Food allergies can be life threatening and affects millions of people across the UK. It is important that young people feel comfortable telling a food business about their allergy, and that the food business is receptive and understanding of them.  

“Food businesses can visit the FSA website where they can find free allergen training and a handy allergen checklist which they can use to support customers with food allergies.”   

Take a look at the Allergen Checklist for further information on the resources available to food businesses.