With more than 600,000 international students currently enrolled in UK higher education - comprising 22% of all Higher Education students - what better time to promote your offer and connect with international students?

Many Chinese students are thousands of miles away from home during Lunar New Year and can't always travel back home to spend time with their family, so choosing to host events on-site can act as a welcome home-from-home for them and their friends.

Taking place over 15-day period, the Lunar New Year provides a host of potential activities and events not only for your catering outlets and students unions to get involved with, but to bring students together and celebrating.

Celebrating global events can be a great way for universities to connect with students and make them feel welcome.

It's such a fun festival to engage students with and of course it's not just about the food, it's the most important and the longest celebration in the Chinese calendar. That said, it isn't not about the food, either. With the popularity of street food seeing no limits, Pan Asian fayre has seen big growth.

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