At Mars Wrigley, we are committed to creating a more modern, inclusive, and sustainable cocoa supply chain for future generations. Through our Responsible Cocoa program, we aim to deliver real, lasting, positive change across our cocoa supply chain. We are focusing our efforts on systemic solutions in three areas: advancing respect for human rights, preserving the environment, and improving livelihoods. Our goal is for 100% of the cocoa we use globally to be sourced under our Responsible Cocoa program by 2025. Today, we’re proud to announce an important milestone: from 2023, 100% of the cocoa we buy for our direct factory operations in Europe will be verified as Responsibly Sourced Cocoa. This means we purchase a volume of responsibly sourced cocoa equivalent to the volumes used in our European production. This means that the cocoa for our beloved Snickers, M&Ms, Mars, Galaxy, Maltesers, Celebrations, Bounty and Milky Way products made at our Mars Wrigley-owned factories in Europe will be 100% Responsibly Sourced Cocoa. We’re hugely proud of this milestone and look forward to further progress as we work towards our global goal. The announcement follows the recent publication of our latest Cocoa for Generations report, which outlines our progress toward creating a modern, inclusive, and sustainable cocoa supply chain. Please visit sustainability-plan to hear more about our Mars Sustainable in a Generation Plan.


Creating a world where chocolate does as good as it tastes. This is about a lot more than creating delicious Galaxy® chocolate. It’s about our commitment to meaningfully improving lives in cocoa-growing communities. These are the communities we depend on to make our irresistible Galaxy® chocolate – and we know that the one thing that makes that chocolate taste even better is knowing it has been made fairly and responsibly, which is our goal. We’ve made significant progress and have made a real and lasting difference to thousands of cocoa farmers and their families across the globe. We know there is still a lot more work to be done, though. We want to create a cocoa sector where human rights are respected, the environment is protected, and cocoa farmers have the opportunity to thrive. Today, we’re proud to say that 100% of the cocoa sourced for our Galaxy® Smooth Milk products is responsibly sourced* and we are committed to responsibly sourcing all of our cocoa by 2025. Helping a million people, including women, their families and their communities thrive by 2030 is just one of the ways we are creating a world where our chocolate does as good as it tastes. At Galaxy, we believe that even the smallest of acts can make a big difference. Whether it’s something as simple as helping someone struggling to carry their groceries across the road or donating a suit to charity. What you do, matters. Our words, our actions, they can have a ripple effect. And it can have a tremendous impact. Something so seemingly simple can set off a chain reaction, a pattern of positivity that expands from the source and has far reaching ramifications. Like a ripple of water created by a pebble in a pond radiating out. The ripple effect can make a tangible difference.

This is why we’re so proud to say that by 2030 we will have helped a million people including women, their families and their communities thrive. Your Pleasure has Promise. It can help empower communities and leave a lasting legacy for people like Rodiasse. Because our Village Savings and Loans Associations program, which we have set up in collaboration with CARE (registered charity number 292506) to help women in cocoa growing communities, has helped Rodiasse to experience a sense of financial freedom for the first time. This means that she can grow her business. As we continue on our journey through until 2030, we’ll be reporting back regularly on our progress and sharing stories of the ripple effect in action. Real stories of helping people thrive. Your Pleasure has Promise and together, we are creating a world where our chocolate does as good as it tastes. Please look out for our on pack QR codes for more information.