To celebrate World Vegan Month, PETA campus reps teamed up with innovative vegan food company Beyond Meat for an event titled "Taste the Future". In collaboration with university caterers, students at eight universities across the UK handed out plant-based Beyond Burgers to encourage passers-by to try an eco-friendly, animal-free meal. They also shared information on how to go vegan, including by giving out copies of PETA's vegan starter kit. 

Beyond Meat is a winner of the UN Champions of the Earth Award and the creator of the Beyond Burger – a great meat alternative for the millions of people seeking eco-friendly food options. It tastes like a beef burger but is responsible for 90% fewer greenhouse-gas emissions. Vegan diets are the most climate-friendly and can reduce your food-related greenhouse-gas emissions by up to 70%.

The event came at a time when universities are in a race to add more vegan options to meet demand. Vegan cafés are opening up and down the country – from Keele University to the University of Bath – the University of Winchester went vegan for World Vegan Day, and other institutions are banning beef from their food outlets. Universities are looking to companies like Beyond Meat to help them boost their vegan menus in order to spare animals' lives and combat the climate crisis. And with exciting new vegan food launches in 2020 from companies like McDonald's, Greggs, Costa, KFC, and major supermarkets, it's clear that the future of meat is plants!