• Innovation: great value, great taste Quorn Veggie Beef Burger launches 
  • Prices that stack up: deals launched on Quorn’s red meat alternatives range.

Quorn Professionals is launching an inflation-busting range of initiatives to help caterers overcome rising costs. Officially launched in April, Cost Crunchers has two main pillars:


Quorn is launching the very competitively priced Quorn Veggie Beef Burger (113g). The launch makes it easier and more cost-efficient for caterers to add delicious meat-free burgers to their menus that don’t compromise on taste or quality.

The Quorn Veggie Beef Burger is the perfect quarter pounder, ideal for the ultimate burger build but also incredibly versatile when used as an ingredient to enhance many different dishes.

“Taste is still the key consideration for most when choosing where and what to eat,” says Phil Thornborrow, Foodservice Director at Quorn.

“Diners and chefs shouldn’t have to compromise on taste, quality or texture when it comes to meat-free menus. The Quorn Veggie Beef Burger delivers a succulent, savoury thick-cut burger that looks, feels and tastes just like a beef burger.

“This type of offering is increasingly important in the current climate when eating out is becoming much more of a luxury than in recent years. We’re seeing research that suggests up to a quarter of UK adults are cutting down on meat to help them get through the cost-of-living crisis, and we hear that some operators are doing the same as a cost-saving measure when menu planning.”

The Quorn Veggie Beef Burger has a recommended supplier price of less than £1 per burger. Prices are set at the discretion of individual wholesalers. 

Prices that stack up

“There’s no denying it’s a particularly challenging time for many people, diners and operators alike. Prices everywhere are rising, and margins are being squeezed. That’s why we have taken the move to freeze our prices,” adds Phil.

The company is also relaunching Quorn Meat Balls as vegan making it easier for menu planners to cater to more diners. 

Phil concludes: “Increased costs are having a serious impact on society. As the UK’s No. 1 meat-free brand, we see it as our responsibility to play a part in helping address the challenges it is creating.

“We are incredibly proud to have created a range of initiatives in Cost Cruncher that we believe provide excellent value and incredible taste so that caterers do not need to compromise on quality, affordability, health or helping the planet.”