How can foodservice operators ensure their delivery offerings not only run successfully, but stand out and truly delight customers? This is where McCain Foodservice comes in, having commissioned in-depth consumer research, McCain launched a new campaign; Next Level Delivery, which provides key insight and information on a game-changing delivery product range that can really help operators take their delivery offerings to the next level.

Delivery and takeaway became more important than ever during national lockdowns which meant operators were having to constantly pivot to adapt their service operations, with delivery taking the lead on their list of priorities. Many have now adopted this practice permanently as a key revenue stream.

Working alongside consumer research specialists; Catalyx, McCain UK discovered that customers experience a heightened state of emotion while waiting for a food delivery. Tracking technology, whilst brilliant, has also boosted this emotionally fuelled period of anticipation. The result can mean heightened feelings of joy or disappointment once their meal arrives. Therefore, it is essential that customers are pleased with the contents of their meal and delivery service, otherwise their amplified levels of disappointment in conjunction with being ‘hangry’ can cause a knee-jerk reaction of a negative review or complaint.

Though this may seem like a challenge for delivery operators, it actually brings a great opportunity; operators have the chance to capitalise on consumers high emotion rates by serving high quality and delicious food that may in-turn result in positive reviews and feedback.

Making a great first impression to consumers once a meal has been delivered is key, fries and sides are often the first go-to taste of the meal for consumers, therefore it’s crucial that they impress! That’s why McCain have developed their Next Level Delivery Range, consisting of; SureCrispTM, fries that stay hotter and crispier for longer and Pickers – the ultimate delicious cheesy sides suited for delivery.

McCain attended the Takeaway and Restaurant Innovation expo in November to showcase the range to takeaway and restaurant owners across the UK looking to boost their menus and profits. On the stand we tested just how happy McCain SureCrispTM made people!

Our live experiment revealed SureCrispTM made people on average 90% happy at first bite. Own label uncoated fries on the other hand, only scored 35% in our happiness rating. 95% of operators also said they would order McCain SureCrispTM in a restaurant and serve SureCrispTM in their business!

McCain UK have been trying and testing their delivery range up and down the county to cement their view that it really does take operators delivery to the next level. Evidence of this can be seen with one of their many case study examples - Chilli flames, a fast food outlet in Cardiff that stocks McCain SureCrispTM. When asked how SureCrispTM has helped their business, the manager of Chilli Flames, Talaha Hawar, said: “The thing with SureCrispTM is, that it’s a high-quality product that stays crispy for more than 20 minutes. So, we can ensure that on delivery, when the food gets to the customer it gets there warm and crisp.”

To find out more about the delivery range, visit or contact  [email protected] 07909997227