This year’s TUCO Summer Conference will be again an interactive and engaging virtual event replacing our normal face to face offer – meaning even more of our members will be able to attend and add to their professional development.


This year's conference theme, being held on Wed 28 July, is The Road to Recovery after COVID and how to ‘Build Back Better’ (BBB is the UK's Government plan for growth over the coming months and years).

Coming out of the crisis successfully, is going to require a combination of building a cultural norm of keeping each other safe as well as ourselves and building a people driven strategy that supports an economy that is the fulfilment of our society for everyone.

As disruption in the catering and hospitality industry continues to cause more change than ever for employers and consumers, many leaders in catering, hospitality and the supply chain are looking for innovative techniques to come up with solutions to help smooth out the impact on their teams and processes. TUCO have sourced speakers who look at managing change and supporting teams through this process.

The agenda is subject to change but includes:

  • 08:00 'Live' Exhibition opens (The exhibition will be open from the 21 July for information only)
  • 09:00 Opening comments: Phil Rees Jones and Mike Haslin
  • 09:10 Using gut health to build back better wellbeing: Lisa and Alana Macfarlane; The Mac Twins from The Gut Stuff and Head of Nutrition Kristy Coleman
  • 10:00 The Technological Road To Recovery: The Access Group with industry experts Garry Collins, Sunny Rutherford and Lorna Wilcox
  • 11:00 Building back people better: HR/People experts from the retail and hospitality sector
  • 12:00 Live exhibition continues
  • 13:00 The Business Road to Recovery: Members of the 1st graduating cohort for the LSBU / TUCO Masters Degree will be showcasing their Hospitality Consultancy Report findings
  • 14:00 Using mental wellbeing to build back better: Dr Andy Cope; The Happiness professor
  • 15:00 Building back nutrition better: Sophie Egan; Menus of Change University Research Collaborative and the 24 Principles of the menus of change with Matt Tebbit; Reading University, Annabel Hurst; Cardiff University and Manish Shah; Kings College London.
  • 15:40 Closing comments
  • 16:00 TUCO AGM

There will also be a virtual supplier exhibition to browse. The event is free to TUCO Full Members.

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Introducing the TUCyO Olympics

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This year's theme for the conference social event, as it coincides with the Olympics in Japan, is the "TUCyO Olympics"! It's an online social cookalong and after dinner "games" (don't worry there are no athletics involved!) 

This will give attendees the chance to see peers and colleagues in an informal environment. Ingredients for the 2 course cookalong are being provided by Ajinomoto and we're hoping for some volunteers who would like to represent their countries in our after dinner games event. There will be a medal table so we can see which country tops the TUCyO Olympics!

There will be prizes for the best outfits (think Komonos or Olympic outfits), the best looking 1st and 2nd course and the return of the best dressed cocktail.

The event is also free for Full Members.

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