WRAP is delighted to launch £18 million of funding to support new projects aimed at resource efficiency. The grants, funded by Defra, will support key policy outcomes in the areas of food, plastics, textiles, recycling infrastructure and litter. To launch the fund WRAP has today announced the first wave of grants, which starts with Food Waste Prevention – focusing on surplus food redistribution.

Large Scale Grant - Food Waste Prevention – awarding grants between £200,000 to £1 million for capital infrastructure 

This scheme is to provide capital infrastructure that will help address a current capacity gap in the sector for redistributing food that is currently being wasted, diverting this to people in need. The grants will support redistributing a significant volume of food to end beneficiaries through not-for-profit organisations.

Small Scale Grant Food Waste Prevention – awarding both capital and revenue grants between £20,000 to £170,000.

Programme of grants to provide new small-scale capital infrastructure and revenue support to organisations redistributing surplus food from the likes of retailers and food manufacturers.  This programme will continue the success of the previous small-scale redistribution programme delivered by WRAP in addressing barriers to food redistribution.

For further information please visit the funding page http://www.wrap.org.uk/content/resource-action-fund