Biffa is a leading nationwide operator with a strong track record of delivery in a growing, changing industry that we all rely on. Operating an integrated, nationwide platform, Biffa comprises of three divisions and delivers across the breadth of UK waste management, providing waste collection, processing, recycling, disposal and energy generation services across the entire waste supply chain.

The Industrial & Commercial division provides a Total Waste Management service to industrial, commercial and public sector customers, including waste and recyclables collection, sorting, processing and transfer of materials for reprocessing, energy recovery or disposal. Biffa operate over 100 depots across 49 counties.

Under this framework Biffa offers

  • Off-Site Food Waste Recycling
  • Catering Packaging (Glass, Cardboard, plastic, single use plastic, tins, cans etc)

Biffa are a registered and licensed carrier for handling and transporting food waste and our food waste recycling service provides increased recycling capabilities, helping clients to control costs and assist them in diverting waste from landfill. We collect your food waste and dispose of it at our own Anaerobic Digestion facilities where it will be processed and ultimately converted into renewable energy

Our food waste service collects from a variety of businesses which include Universities, colleges, pubs, restaurants, cafés, takeaways, schools and educational facilities, retailers and manufacturers.