Our food waste digesters will deliver a whole host of benefits to your operation including:

Cost reductions

Reduced costs to dispose of food waste

Removal of bagging, compactor and waste collection requirements

Savings on cleaning costs

Savings on rodent, flies and pest control costs

Additional cost savings by separating food waste from ‘General’ waste

Improves purchasing, inventory and food service efficiencies (via reporting software)

Operational improvements

Cleaner operating and cleaner waste areas

No issues with missed collections and spillages

Compact size releases ‘bin space’ for other uses

Smell free operation

Improved security – no need for staff to open doors or leave the premises at night to remove food waste

Clean safe process using purely natural bacteria to breakdown food waste into safe nutrient free water

Cloud reporting

Everything is measured, monitored and reported…

Monitor and analyse waste consumption and cost savings

Detailed restaurant by restaurant reporting, raising awareness of food waste and encouraging reduction at source

Impactful Eco-Data helping you monitor and report on your improved sustainability position

Audit trail, supporting growing EU environmental directives

Encourages proactive performance management

Environmental impact

Eliminates truck miles, diesel pollution and carbon emissions

Recycles food waste into new water on site

Contributes to targets for diverting waste from landfills

Reduces harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change

A greener more sustainable solution to your food waste problems

Sound interesting?

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