Bombay Halwa Ltd remains as a family-owned Company, with its Chairwoman, Mrs Zeenat Noon Harnal, daughter of Late Lord Gulam Noon. Zeenat, who was instilled by her father, to produce affordable quality products using the finest ingredients.

The business, started in 1973 as the authentic UK manufacturer of Indian sweets, chilled desserts and savoury products, all under our ‘Royal’ brand, today we manufacture

1 - Authentic hand-crafted Indian Desserts chilled and ambient

2 - Ready Meals under our Royal Brand or Own Label for UK multiples

3 - Noon Aviation which supplies ready meals and snacks to the aviation market.

4 - Bulk meal ingredients to suppliers for use in their own products.

All products being produced at our modern production facilities in Southall

As a business we are committed to the application of Good Manufacturing Practices, coupled to the use of the most up to date technical standards of control which ensures that all our products meet the highest food safety standards, earning the following accreditations 

All NPD within the business is driven by our Chefs, who with their vast range of experience & knowledge of working in the UK & around the world with multi cuisine exposure.

Our core business objectives are to

  1. To demonstrate Bombay Halwa Ltd ability to present its diverse cooking knowledge, expertise and passion for great tasting food.
  2.  To deliver this by showing understanding and the research of Foods from across the World, offering a real step change in flavour, visual impact and product quality.

To replicate famous, stable and indigenous dishes from various countries, identify its origin, influences and individuality and how this has shaped the cookery methods and eating habits of its people.