Together let’s feed the future whilst staying safe.

We understand that the last few months have been an unprecedented time, however there is light now at the end of the tunnel and universities are preparing for the new academic year.  With this in mind, there has never been a more important time to prepare and re-evaluate your kitchen operations. Here at McCain we’re dedicated to providing support and food solutions that not only bring you reassurance, but also reassure your students, kitchen staff and parents.

With restrictions on social distancing while dining in, delivery & take-out are more popular than ever. It’s essential that your restaurant or canteen offers a winning take-out menu that students won’t be able to resist. The McCain range offers you delicious product solutions that not only deliver consistently delicious take-out dishes, but also provide winning back-of-house solutions.

McCain Food Solutions want to support education-sector kitchens through this transition as much as possible. That’s why they have invested in creating FREE floor stickers designed to help cooks and kitchen workers socially distance.

To discover game-changing menu inspiration and to apply for your free floor stickers today please visit: