With our Vegan Food Guide, creating a truly outstanding vegan offering is now easier than ever. Featuring a host of meat and dairy alternatives along with some fantastic serving suggestions, we’re making it even easier to adapt your menu and cater for those with dietary requirements or following a vegan diet.

logoThe meat free, plant-based diet has exploded leaving eateries no choice but to embrace this change, and here at kff we have been hard at work expanding our range for this ever-growing lifestyle movement.

Did you know that in 2020 the number of Britons following a plant-based diet rocketed by 40%*?

Transforming your menu to offer all-day plant-based meat alternatives couldn’t be easier with our new range. A few of our favourite plant-based offerings include Banana Blossom, The Vegetarian Butcher NoHot Dogs, Moving Mountains Burgers, Quorn Buttermilk Style Burgers and Jackfruit.

Finding a suitable replacement for dairy products couldn’t be easier with our range of milk alternatives perfect for those following a plant-based diet or those that are lactose intolerant. Our wide range of milk alternatives include almond, soya, oat and coconut from brands such as Rude Health, Alpro and Oatly and are enriched with calcium and full of flavour.

Why not offer your customers a great burger experience that’ll have them coming back for more with our dirty plant-based burger recipe ideas. These burgers aren’t just sensationally tasty, they look amazing too and will be a great addition to any menu. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or a committed carnivore – these aren’t just delicious for a vegan burger, they are delicious full stop!

Everyone deserves fancy, decadent desserts and sweet treats and those following a plant-based diet are no exception! There is no comprising on taste with our delicious desserts and cakes! Our Speculoos Cheesecake, Belgian Chocolate Cake and American Style Pancakes are certain to satisfy your customer’s sweet tooth!

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