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Start date
15 Dec 2019
End date
14 Dec 2021
Extension date
14 Dec 2023


Hunter Ref - CAT11049-TU

Visit the Framework Document section, and the Supplier pages, to access pricing documents, promotions and more.


Please see below for a statement from Camden BRI in June 2020

Please see this link for information on PPE and cleaning etc.:

In terms of cutlery etc there is no special cleaning required. Normal dishwasher cleaning regimes should be perfectly adequate.

As discussed we are also launching a new environmental swab testing service which will be available within the next couple of weeks. The test will provide reassurances that cleaning regimes are maintaining their effectiveness during the pandemic. Swabs are usually taken from frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, touchscreens, vending machine buttons, light switches, keyboards, telephone handsets etc or anywhere else that may be a risk in your environment. We can provide swabbing kits for this purpose with simple instructions on how to take the swab samples.

If a positive sample is found, it can highlight areas where enhanced cleaning will need to be put in place. We can also give advice on how to amend risk assessments for this and give advice on deep cleaning techniques. A new service page will be available soon, but in the meantime if you or your members want any more information on this then please do e-mail me directly.

You may also be interested in our disinfectant testing service as well where we can determine how well your cleaning regimes are working in the context of being able to inactivate Coronaviruses. Please see this link for more information on this:

PPE & pre-wrapped cutlery

TUCO have requested PPE and pre-wrapped cutlery information during the Covid-19 crisis and the information regarding products has been uploaded below. This will be updated on a weekly basis.

Framework Documents

Framework Lots


  • Where are your price lists?

    On each specific supplier page.

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  • When can I join a framework as a supplier?

    TUCO publish adverts, specs and supporting documents to the InTend portal when a framework is due for renewal. Please ensure you have an account and check regularly for updates: The end dates of all TUCO frameworks are visible on each framework page.

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  • Are all your suppliers vetted and accredited?

    Yes. Dependent on the product category, we will have assessed the supplier’s credentials to be able to supply the goods and/or services.  Please see the SQ (selection questionnaire) questions relative to the product category you are interested in.  High risk food suppliers e.g. sandwich suppliers are also continually audited to ensure they meet food safety requirements.

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  • When are the key dates for a certain framework?

     You can find details of a framework’s start date by going to Procurement > Framework Agreements, then clicking into the relevant framework or DPS.

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