Please note there is revised pricing for the following:


Catering Light and Heavy Equipment

Convenience Retail

Disposables and Kitchen Chemicals

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh Seafood (New Framework from 14.08.22)

Grocery, Frozen & Chilled

Hot Beverage

Meat and Poultry

Milk and Bread


Soft Drinks

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New documents have been uploaded:

Oliver Kay - Fresh Produce Quality Alert - 21st September 2022

Reynolds - Milk Caps - Sustainabilty

Sugro - Britvic price increases




September Products

Little Moons - Mochi ice cream balls

Island Bakery - Sweet FA Gluten Free Biscuit Packs 

VitaCoco - Coconut Drink

Alwins Authentic Jerk Products - Jerk Chicken

Reath - Tracker software

Creemi - Plant-based mayo/plant-based chocolate

Dare - Plant-based shake

Nobl - Bottled water

Beatbites - Energy Balls