Please note there is revised pricing for the following:


Catering Light and Heavy Equipment

Convenience Retail

Disposable and Kitchen Chemicals

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh/Frozen Meat & Poultry

Fresh Seafood

Grocery, Frozen and Chilled

Hot Beverage

Innovative Food and Drink Concepts

Milk, Dairy, Bread & Morning Goods


Soft Drinks

Vegan and Vegetarian


Please note there are revised product lists for the following:


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New documents have been uploaded:

Reynolds - Crop Update

Total Produce - Market Report

Oliver Kay - Spring Crop Report

Ron Chalker (Fruit and Veg) - Market Report

Bidfood (DIPCHEM) - Labelling System Flyer

Bidfood (Alcohol) - Brexit Updates

Bidfood (Catering Light and Heavy Equipment) - Brexit Updates

Bidfood (Convenience Retail) - Brexit Updates

Bidfood (DIPCHEM) - Brexit Updates

Bidfood (Grocery, Frozen and Chilled) - Brexit Updates

Bidfood (Fresh Meat and Poultry) - Brexit Updates

Bidfood (Soft Drinks) - Brexit Updates

Bidfood (Vegan and Vegetarian) - Brexit Updates

Brakes (Catering Light and Heavy Equipment) - Brexit Update

Brakes (Convenience Retail) - Brexit Update

Brakes (Fresh Fruit and Veg) - Brexit Update

Brakes (Fresh Meat and Poultry) - Brexit Update

Brakes (Grocery, Frozen and Chilled) - Brexit Update

Brakes (Soft Drinks) - Brexit Update

Brakes (Vegan and Vegetarian) - Brexit Update

Please see here for updates on PPE availability from our suppliers

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